I am a breast cancer survivor

Now that I’ve healed from my final breast cancer surgery, I truly feel like a survivor.  I even ditched my post chemo grey hair for a new look on Tuesday.  Yes, it’s still short but it’s brown with blond highlights and suits me much better than grey.  

I knew with my last surgery that I wanted to stop using Caringbridge but I also knew that I wanted to continue sharing my thoughts and news–less about me and more about cancer.  I have a personal mission to help with every aspect of this disease.  I want to help women deal with a diagnosis they never want to get and provide them with ongoing support to get through some difficult times.  I want to help raise money to put an end to this disease.  I want to participate in any research trials that will provide information to lead to better treatments.  I want to raise awareness about the BRCA gene so that at risk women are equipped with the right information. 

This blog provides me an opportunity to do that and more.  I hope you will join me as I journey through life as a breast cancer survivor!


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  1. Glad that you are continuing to share your story so that it can impact others. I’m also thrilled to see that you have started your own blog so you can do it! Looks like you are onto something….

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