My new friends

Since I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I’ve made lots of new friends.  We’ve all heard those 3 little words that changed our lives.  We’ve spent many hours in hospitals, lost our hair and watched it grow back.  We are part of a “club”.  We didn’t ask to join but now that we are here most of us want to make a difference for others.  When I was first diagnosed, I was connected to Robyn, Suzanne, Teresa and Kim.  Each of them helped me in a unique way, and I was comforted with each phone conversation that lasted no less than 1 hour.   Suzanne brought me hats that I lived in 24 hours a day.  Teresa brought me a gift that sat on my nightstand all winter long.  Robyn and Kim made me laugh with each phone conversation.  The usual chatter about kids, husbands and friends was replaced with chemo treatments, side effects and surgeries.   Through friends of friends, I discovered caringbridge and 

Last week I was connected to my newest friend, Lori.  She was diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian Cancer 3 years ago six weeks after the birth of her son.  She is absolutely amazing!!   I’ve joined her team for the Relay for Life in two weeks, and she’s asked me to speak at the luminary event.   I’m looking forward to meeting her in person.  Our phone conversation went on and on.  There was so much to talk about and still so much we need to cover. 

Of the six of us, five of us carry the BRCA gene mutation.  On June 18th, we’ll hold our first meet and greet for the local BRCA outreach meeting at Beaumont Hospital, and I am certain I have many new friends to meet.   

With breast cancer, I got new perky tatas, a huge appreciation for feeling good, a short hairdo for the summer and another group of friends.  Not so bad!


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