Summer is here…

What a beautiful weekend.  Though the temperature might not have been exactly pool weather on Friday, 3 kids and a pool in your backyard equals pool weather when it really is only pushing 60.  Saturday was a much longer dip in the pool.  And Sunday’s lasted all morning and into the early afternoon.  Monday was a perfect pool day!  For me, it means the end of a cold, long yucky winter.  Saturday after swimming, the kids and I had a picnic in the front yard.  I turned to L and commented on how happy I was to be enjoying the pool, the sunshine and the great outdoors.  I reflected on laying in bed and daydreaming about summer time during my post chemo haze.  She turned to me and said “Mom, you picked a good time to have breast cancer”.  I still appreciate her innocent comments and love that my open and honest discussion about cancer makes her so comfortable. 

She is very excited for my 3-day walk and even wants to train with me.  She’ll do absolutely anything to raise money and so far both L and B–along with their friends–have sold cookies, vitamin water and lemonade.  Without a second thought, they hand each penny over to me for our 3-day team.  L is busy planning a carnival in our backyard which sounds like a lot of work for me (and probably a lot of money too).  Hopefully she’ll stick to the lemonade stands!  Wishing everyone a happy summer!!!


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