My speaking debut as a breast cancer survivor

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to experience Relay For Life-an absolutely amazing event. All of the survivors walked the track for the first lap together with our families. There were all kinds of events throughout the day to raise money, celebrate and honor cancer survivors. I left for a portion of the day and returned around 9:15. Jon and I walked the track and stopped to listen to the beautiful Havdallah services in the Temple Israel and Temple Shir Shalom tents. At 10:00, they shut the lights down and the track was illuminated by thousands of candles. Lori Buckfire introduced me, and I gave my speech. You can watch the video below.

I’m looking forward to doing more with Relay next year. Hope you’ll all join me for a great event!


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  1. Lindsey Toban

    Ellyn, I watched the video of your speech and was blown away.
    It was really amazing and inspiring. I am so proud of all that you are doing as a survivor. Your story will help so many people out there who are facing cancer.

    Love always,

  2. stacy doctoroff

    Ellyn – WOW! Your speach just blew me away.
    You are doing such an amazing job with cancer awareness.
    Your words are very powerful.


  3. Awesome! Inspiring! Great job!

  4. Ellyn,
    Your strength and passion are evident. I am so proud of you and your drive to spread the message about self-advocacy and aggressive treatment. You are an inspiration. I am honored to be on your 3-Day team and am motivated to step up my fundraising efforts.

  5. Alyson Findling

    I just watched your speech and I myself am speechless. You are such an incredibly strong and passionate woman. Your determination to save lives is so inspiring. I too am so honored and excited to be a part of your three day team. You blow me away with your strength, grace and passion. Thank you for spreading the word to so many.

  6. I remember standing close to the stage watching you that night in the dark, surrounded by candles thinking, ‘Wow, what a powerful speaker–I’ve never seen someone so dynamic’–it wasn’t just a great speech, it was the delivery, the way you made the crowd care…it was you. Such a beautiful woman with such a big heart who is passionate about helping others. You’re amazing.


    Dear Ellyn,
    You are brave, powerful, educated and a fabulous speaker.
    I was impressed with the ENTIRE speech.
    Barbara Small

  8. Jennifer Driker

    Ellyn, I am not surprised you are such a wonderful speaker–you are such a strong woman and you continue to impress and inspire!

  9. You are truly an inspiration!!

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