Goodbye Breast Cancer!

I was recently sent some press releases from a writer friend of mine about a conference that is going on right now. The Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program is conducting the conference to showcase their vision of eradicating breast cancer. Since I’m extremely interested in all things breast cancer, I decided to dig into the press releases and the conference agenda to see what they are talking about. I must say my head is spinning-the agenda alone is 22 pages long. The sessions are endless, and I’m pretty certain I wouldn’t know which way to turn if I was there. It’s amazing how many medical terms are so familiar but there were a million more I wouldn’t even try to pronounce. I was most interested in the press release entitled “Breast Cancer Vaccines Offer Hope for high-Risk Patients as Promising Data are Presented at 2008 ERA of HOPE Meeting”. There are so many vaccines in the works including clinical trials to prevent recurrence of cancer. I was particularly interested in a study at Arizona State University to create a vaccine to be given to healthy adults to prevent breast cancer. I did a little google search which returned hundreds of links to breast cancer vaccines.  It is so promising to see how much is happening in this area.  I can hope and pray that my kids don’t have the BRCA gene, or I can continue to raise money to help fund the amazing research that brings us closer to saying goodbye to breast cancer forever! If you would like to join me in the fight, please visit my 3-day team page to support our fundraisers or make a donation to any one of my team members. If you are interested in walking with us, please sign up and join us on this amazing adventure. 


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  1. Ellyn, wanted to share this article with you – my sister created, designed and developed RxPJs – thought you’d find this interesting. Hope all is well.
    -Marianne Bloomberg

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