Who’s that bald lady?

Yesterday my 2 year old son was sitting on my lap looking through photos from the year.   Each time we saw a photo of me, my hair was a different length, style or color.  I’d ask him every time who the person was and he immediately responded, “that’s mama”.  When I shifted to the bald photos, his response was consistently “I dunno” even if I was holding him, pictured next to my other two kids or with Jon.  Did he really have no idea who this bald lady was?  Did he block it out of his little 2 year old head?  Although I was completely bald for nearly 5 months of my life, I barely remember it too.  It must of felt like a long time when I was going through it, but now if feels like a nanosecond.  I was fortunate to have a beautiful wig and a half wig(that I wore with hats) when I went out in public.  Although I didn’t love the way either of them felt, it made me feel good to have hair on my head.  If it hadn’t been mid-winter, I may have dashed out completely bald but the wig kept me warm. 

The year before my cancer diagnosis, my daughter donated her hair.  I was thrilled that she wanted to do this but pretty certain she really didn’t comprehend how she was helping someone.  She now completely understands.  During the year of my treatment, one of her good friends donated her hair and was able to have a better understanding of what she was doing.  I also received a very sweet phone call from a friend of mine whos daughter donated her hair and dedicated the donation to me.  I barely knew this little girl yet her thoughtfulness was overwhelming.   If my path can help my children and other children understand the importance of giving, than I have truly accomplished more than a fight against cancer. 

Last week, I ran into a friend of mine who made a truly bold decicision.  She cut her long beautiful curly locks and donated them.  Her hair is shorter than mine and she looks beautiful.  Beautiful inside and out. 

There are so many ways to give–money, time and in this case hair.  We each find our own way and every bit helps.  Everything we do can and will make a difference.


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