3 Cheers for Brogan & Partners

It’s been a whirlwind of a week.  I Came back from a beautiful weekend in Kalamazoo celebrating Taylor’s Bat Mitzvah and jumped right into finishing up a really big proposal.  I’m happy to say that after some very late nights, the proposal is printed and ready to be packed up.  There’s nothing like finishing a big project to make you feel really good.  I love what I do so that makes everything easier.  I guess it really helps that I work for/am part of a truly great company with a group of brilliant minds and hard working people.  So people ask me all the time when it was that I went back to work, and the truth is I never stopped working.   I came home from chemo and checked my email.  I took my blackberry to the hospital on the day of my surgery.  I didn’t have to work, but I wanted to work.  It kept me focused, and I’m sure it kept my brain sharp.  On off weeks, I put my wig on and went to the office.  I had complete back-up and a wonderful support system in the office.  To say I am lucky is a vast understatement.  I could not imagine a better situation.  Brogan & Partners is truly a wonderful place– just ask any one of our 55 employees or any of our really happy clients. 

I’ve learned so much, and the great thing is I continue learning even after 14 years.  As the new frontier of social media emerges, I’m learning from our sister company, Ignite Social Media.   A couple months ago, I set up a facebook group to promote Ta Ta Breast Cancer’s fundraisers.  The group has 150 members and I frequently send messages to the group to promote these events.  On Monday Night, we had a very successful fundraiser at 24 Seconds restaurant in Berkley.  The place was packed with supporters.  The event was promoted through friends passing along emails, posting on our Ta Ta Breast Cancer facebook page, and posting on our home page of the 3-day.  These are all very basic social media tools.  It’s amazing to think how a company could use these tools as part of a comprehensive marketing program.  I invite you to check out their website and see all the cool things they offer. 

So if you’re in the market for an advertising agency, don’t forget to add us to the list.  You can join one of our many happy clients.


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  1. There are so many applications of social media – I’m very happy to see that you are using it for the good of other women. Hope you continue to learn and share your experiences!

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