Keep fighting

We all watched Randy Pausch’s journey with pancreatic cancer from his last lecture up until his last moments.   For many of us, he changed our thoughts and views about life–what’s important and what’s not.  While Randy was sharing his personal journey, I was going through my personal journey.  The #1 difference is I was fortunate to be diagnosed with breast cancer–a curable and treatable cancer when caught early and treated aggressively.  Those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer are not so lucky.  I lost my biological grandfather to pancreatic cancer.  I never knew him and neither did my father.  He died when his wife was pregnant with his only child.  My grandmother brought my father into this world on her own because pancreatic cancer took her husband.  Over the course of my life, I’ve watched others quickly lose loved ones from this dreaded cancer.   Just recently a close friend lost his father.  It’s one cancer that really terrifies me.  Pancreatic cancer has a small link to BRCA and it’s usually caught when it’s too late.

So as you know, I don’t usually post unless I can share some decent news.  While reading some message boards and doing a little internet surfing, I found an article printed in the July issue of Molecular Cancer Therapeutics.  To be honest, I’ve never heard of this publication, I’m not a doctor or a scientist either but it seemed pretty reputable and best of all, it had some good news about pancreatic cancer.  The last line of the abstract says the most important point “This novel and innovative approach combining a dietary agent and a virally delivered therapeutic cytokine provides a means of both preventing and treating human pancreatic cancer with significant clinical translational potential. ”  So I don’t know what all of this means but preventing and treating human pancreatic cancer is all I need to hear.  It makes me realize how many people are fighting everyday to find cures and nothing makes me happier.  Keep fighting guys!


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