The TV is on

It’s been a fun and very busy week.  On Sunday, we picked up two soccer player teenagers from LA.  They’ve been staying with us all week while participating in the Maccabi games.  They are great girls, and we’ve enjoyed them so much.  We’ll be sad to see them leave. 

All 3 kids of my kids are done with camp, and I’m in full mom mode in addition to a little work, a little walking and whatever else I can fit into the schedule.  I love being busy although occassionally juggling 3 kids while trying to work gets a bit stressful. 

Last week, I took my 6 year old to the doctor with me to get my port flushed.  He’s into medical stuff–likes to watch those gross surgery shows on TV–so I thought he might be interested in the whole port flushing thing.  Although it’s pretty simple, relatively painless and I don’t think it’s gross at all.  We were talking about the whole chemo thing, and I was telling him about one treatment when my brother(Uncle Joey) took me home and I walked up 4 flights of stairs to get to his car while he followed close behind.  I told him how I usually went to the doctor feeling pretty good but then the medicine would make me kind of tired and not quite myself.   He thought for a moment and responded with his own analogy.  “Mom”, he said, “It’s kind of like when the TV is on but there’s no show.”   So interesting that he was able to come up with that.   Yes.  Post chemo I was definitely only partially there but thankfully I recovered quickly each time. 

The TV is fully on now.  My days are jammed with work, kids, training and FORCE and yes I do get tired but it’s a different kind of tired, a much better kind of tired, and I’ll take this kind of tired any day of the week.


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