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We returned late Saturday Night from a fun vacation in Northern Michigan and Kalamazoo.  We never saw a drop of rain–just pure sunshine for 7 days.  How lucky can we get?  We packed the week with hiking, boat rides, tubing, pony riding through the woods, after dinner walks on the golf course, trips out for ice-cream, the Kalamazoo Air Zoo and more tubing.  The kids couldn’t have been happier. 

Early Sunday morning, I walked with 8 of my teammates to Birmingham and back in our ongoing training.  We spent the rest of the weekend at the pool and enjoying the sunshine. 

Today was the first day of elementary school.  I now have a 3rd grader, a first grader and a terrific two.  It was a half day followed by a smallish celebration at our pool complete with 9 kids, pizza, crazy bread, swimming and make your own sundaes.  At my kid’s request, we got the chocolate that hardens when you put it on your ice-cream.  YUM. 

I’m sitting at my computer listening to 5 kids at my kitchen table–two are 8 and three are 6.  (Only 2 of them belong to me.)  They’re busy making projects to sell.  And no surprise, the money is going to breast cancer. 

I hear my son say, “We need to raise money to help fight breast cancer.  Cuz my mom had to fight breast cancer.” 

One little girl says, “My mom still needs to raise $300 to make her minimum for the 3-day”.  

My daugher pipes in, “My mom is way above her goal.”

So the group decides all the money will go to the other mom.  Sounds great to me.


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