Happy Anniversary Jon!

Tomorrow, September 7, 2008, will mark my 12th wedding anniversary–12 years since I stood with my husband in front of family and friends and we vowed to stay together through sickness and in health.  On September 7, 2007, our 11th anniversary, we put those statements to the test when I began my journey of surgeries and treatments with a bilateral mastectomy. 

On our wedding day, I spoke about Jon and his enthusiasm, zest for life and consistently optimistic attitude.   It’s what I admired about Jon and what at times was also a little annoying.  I didn’t always want to be cheerful, happy and smiling but that was just Jon.  Now as I look back on that day, I realize that Jon’s attitude towards life has had a big impact on the way I view life.  I’d rather find something to smile about, find the thing that makes me laugh, find that something that makes me happy.  I often joke that it’s the Prozac but I’m certain it takes more than medication to bring out that side of people.  Jon has never been one to sweat the small stuff or the big stuff for that matter.  He’s a hard-worker and an all around super guy.  Together, we laughed at my bald head and scarred body and I took comfort in the fact that my husband loved me anyways.  He sprung into action last year and after each chemo treatment, I could get into bed knowing that Jon would make sure that lunches were made, the fridge was stocked and everyone had what they needed for school.  

He took care of me when I needed someone to take care of me and let me have my space when I needed time to myself.  He’s supported my walking and my extracurricular breast cancer activities.  So here’s to another year together.  Happy Anniversary Jon and many more!


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  1. Karyn Bylinowski

    Congratulations on 12 years! You are both wonderful. All my love and support.


  2. Vicki and Ben Craine

    We add our wishes and thoughts. You are an amazing couple, and, yes, Jon, you have been an awesome husband, and for us, son-in-law. Reading Ellyn’s blog, we are moved and emotional, feeling nothing but love for you both and appreciation to Jon for the support and positive spirit you have always provided, most especially during the past year.

    We can’t say it any better than Ellyn did, so we just add a ditto to everything she said.

    Again, our love to you both, and wishes for many, many, more Happy Anniversaries.

    Mom and Dad,
    Vicki and Ben

  3. happy happy anniversary! have a great time celebrating. you BOTH deserve it! 🙂

  4. Ellyn,
    What a beautiful post about your love and appreciation for Jon. Wishing you many decades of health and happiness together.
    Happy, healthy 12th anniversary!

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