The Power of FORCE

Yesterday I spent awhile on the phone with a woman who had just learned she had the BRCA mutation.  She was an absolute wreck–she’d been through a lot in her life–the death of her mother 8 years ago, and years and years of infertility.  She now has 2 young children thanks to the miracle of fertility options.  She wasn’t prepared for this news and not at all prepared for the journey ahead of her.  But who ever is?  I told her, as I tell most people, that getting through the initial stages and shock is much worse than anything else.  This is true if you are diagnosed with cancer or if you find out you have the BRCA mutation.  It is overwhelming to begin to think about what you need to do.  After my first conversation with her (we talked several times throughout the day), I directed her to the FORCE message boards where she could ask any possible question and probably find someone in her exact same situation.   The knowledge floating through those boards is unbelievable.  The thing that gets me is that Sue Friedman–our executive director responds to so many posts.  You really feel Sue’s love even if you’ve never met her.  She treats people like family and in a sense, we are.  We are bonded by our unique–or maybe not so unique situation (there are over a million of us).  I have fallen in love with this organization and the two key people that keep it running on a national level–they are so dedicated and committed.

My conversation with my new BRCA friend once again inspired me to do more.  I realized how much people need to have the connection that FORCE provides.  After talking with her, I found an easy way to support this organization–by doing things you already do.  That’s right, you can help me raise money without spending a dime more than you were already planning on spending.  When you are shopping online, go through  Make sure to designate FORCE:Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered, as your cause of choice and anything you purchase at over 719 participating retailers will help us raise money.  I know these sites have been around for awhile so this is nothing new but I just discovered how easy it is to use them.  You can also use their search engine and raise money without spending any money at all.  So sign up today and make your next purchase help FORCE continue to educate, support and advocate for the BRCA community.


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