Generous Hearts

We are in serious countdown mode for the big 3-day walk.  Only 6 days away until we start our journey.  $75,000 came and went and we are now quickly approaching $78,000.  It’s a huge number and I am immensely proud of my team’s commitment.  About a month ago, the 3-day opened 09 registration.  I held out as long as I could but I just couldn’t wait any longer.  Ta Ta Breast Cancer is officially up and running for 2009.  Feel free to join me and you could be my second team member. 

Tonight my daughter was checking our 3-day total.  She is so interested in how much we raised and how much it changes everyday.  Tonight she asked if we could do one last fundraiser before the walk but it just seems a little rushed.  Since we couldn’t do the fundraiser, she started digging through her mini ATM (21st century version of a piggy bank).  She pulled out $15 and decided she’d like to finish off my 08 fundraising and be the first to donate to me for 09.  With that, my middle guy ran to his wad of money and pulled out a $20.  He’s a saver and doesn’t like parting with his money but money to fight breast cancer is a totally different story.  He wanted to give me more but I thought $20 was plenty.  As usual, I’m amazed at what my kids have learned over the past year.


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  1. GOOD LUCK this weekend and Congrats!!
    Your team is awesome.

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