Pink is everywhere!

I love October.  The leaves are changing.  Soccer season is in full gear.  Apple orchards are open and people are decorating their house for Halloween.  This is the first October I can really sit back and appreciate.  Three years ago, I was in the first trimester of my last pregnancy trying to stay awake and eat enough food to curb nausea.  Two years ago, I moved out of my house in October to start a complete renovation on my current house.  And last year, I started chemo.  This year, I can simply enjoy the month of October.  And this year, I have one more reason to enjoy this month–the world becomes a sea of pink and everyone around me is raising money to fight breast cancer.  It’s a reminder of how many people are touched by this disease and how many people are so passionate about finding a cure.  Everywhere you turn, there are people donating percentages of their proceeds to breast cancer.  I could seriously go broke buying the mass of pink products out there.  I feel like this month is one big celebration of all the breast cancer survivors out there. I’m one of them celebrating, standing tall, appreciating life and hoping that we can stop fighting soon and say goodbye to breast cancer forever.  Hope you all enjoy this month with me!


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  1. I am a survivor as well and I would like to connect with those women that have and are going through what we have. I commend you for talking about your journey and i would like to help. Keep in touch

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