It’s time for FORCE

I should start off this blog post by saying I know it’s a really bad time to be fundraising for anything but I finally found some time to start focusing on FORCE.  I also need to say that I did mention in a previous entry that I wouldn’t ask for money and I would only plan fundraisers but I sort of changed my mind.  Some of you may just want to support my fundraisers and that’s totally great.  However, if you have a few extra dollars (that you didn’t invest in the stock market) and want to put it towards an organization that helps so many people with so little funding, please feel free to make a donation of any size.  I would be very grateful. I should also mention that in the early spring (maybe even late winter), I’ll start fundraising and working on growing my 3-day team too.  Other than that, I promise not to ask anyone for anything else.  Maybe. 

I’m very excited about my first fundraiser for FORCE.  For those of you who live in the Detroit area, it’s at High Wire Girls at 32799 Woodward Avenue North of 14 Mile Road on December 2 from 7-9:30.  They have great gifts, great price points and I’m bringing some wine.  So please join me.  10% of all the purchases will go directly to FORCE and they’ll also have a raffle and some other fun purchase incentives.  I’m working on some other great fundraisers too so if you can’t make this one, maybe you can join me for another. 

On another note, I got an email from an old friend of mine who wanted to let me know about something she is doing to raise money for Gilda’s Club in honor of her friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Of course, her friend is another young mother who’s turning 35 next month and just started chemo.  I haven’t had the chance to talk to her but I did pass on my Sex and the City DVD set that I so enjoyed during my post chemo haze.  Anyways, Ally from Frameable Faces is donating 15% of all her sales during the month of November to Gilda’s Club in her friend’s honor.  Be sure to check out her great work on her website.  So there’s one more way you can support a cancer cause and show your support for all the young mothers diagnosed with this disease. 

Thanks for continuing to support me!


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  1. i have to tell you…im AMAZED at your dedication to this cause. i need to learn from you how to schedule my time…because i cant figure out when you do all of this stuff!!!! well done…im so proud of you!:)

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