Nothing to do with cancer

Just got back from a really fun weekend in Atlanta celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of my cousin’s daughter.  At the same time, I got to meet my other cousin’s 3-week old beautiful daughter.  And as a total additional bonus, I saw my college roommate after 12 years.  Wow!  It was all fun, busy, hectic and a little crazy with three kids in tow but it was good family time and lots of joy and happiness. 

On Friday, Jon and I loaded the rental minivan at the Atlanta airport with the 3 kids and bags.  It was the first time I’d travelled in awhile when my bags actually made it there at the same time.  This was good since the Halloween costumes and clothes for our weekend festivities were all packed in our suitcase.  As always, travelling with 3 kids can be a bit chaotic but we made it.  We quickly made our way to the hotel to change and head off for the Shabbat dinner.  As we were driving, I asked Jon if the stroller was still in the back of the minivan.  Stroller? He said.  Apparently in the chaos, we left the stroller (and three of our jackets) sitting curbside at the airport.  I tried unsuccessfully to reach lost and found throughout the weekend.  So we just hoped that someone had found our stroller.  Bright and early Sunday morning, we were back at the airport to head back to Detroit.  Lucky for us, Delta had our stroller with all three jackets.  Hmmm.  We’ll try not to do that again. 

Despite our lost stroller and a little bit of chaos, the weekend was great.  We were jam packed with activities and we even got to do quite a bit of trick-or-treating Friday night.  Little guy held up with no nap and very late nights.  And the big kids were a big help! 

It’s so nice to celebrate such great things in life!


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