Vaccines for breast cancer–GREAT NEWS!

I’m sure many of you concerned with breast cancer have stumbled across the same promising news I recently found on the internet.  I’m usually a pretty good internet surfer when it comes to medical information—I ignore the gloom and doom and try to focus on the positive things.  Really that’s how I try to approach my life and it usually seems to work pretty well.  Anyways, back in September, there was lots of press about a breast cancer vaccine that eliminated tumors in laboratory animals.  They are currently doing clinical trials in humans. 

And recently told the story of a young woman with late stage breast cancer participating in this trial.  They go on to say that this is just one of 40 vaccines now being tested and the next step is to see if the vaccines administered much earlier could protect women from ever developing breast cancer.  They quote Dr. Jack Erban director of the breast-cancer program at Massachusetts General Hospital. “The likelihood, long-term, of a vaccine therapy being useful is quite high.”  Fantastic news for all women!  So if you wonder if the donation you made to the Breast Cancer 3-Day, the pink food processor you bought at Target, or any of the other millions of pink items out there are working, here’s your proof!  GOODBYE BREAST CANCER!!!!


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  1. I too am a breast cancer survivor – I’m not raining on your parade but clinical trials just started on the various vaccines so we are at minimum 5+ years a way b-4 women could start receiving a shot, and providing the clinical studies have a positive outcome. The other factor here is that the vaccines themselves can have several negative effects which haven’t been tested yet. Let’s hold our breath, and say a prayer that somewhere in the studies is a bright light of hope!

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