Go with your gut

Yesterday I went back to my Dermatologist to get my stitches taken out.  At the same time, she shared the biopsy results with me.   The cells were categorized as dysplastic which means they were starting to turn.  So it was smart that I had it removed.  We didn’t need to do anything else and I was on my way.  I share this story with you because this is something that has been on my body my entire life.  Would the cells have eventually turned into a melanoma?  Hard to tell but I wasn’t willing to take the risk.  I’m so glad it’s gone and this experience makes me realize even more that I need to go with my gut feeling and once again be vigilant.  I do know that BRCA puts me at a slightly elevated risk of melanoma but the fact that I have light skin and blue eyes puts me at an even higher risk.  I’ll go back in a year, but in the meantime, I’ll make sure that my husband is taking a look at my back every couple months to see if there is anything unusual.  I’ve done cancer already and frankly I’m not interested in doing it again.  Don’t skip out on the Dermatologist and don’t ignore any sort of mole on your body.  Like breast cancer, melanoma can hit us young and is treatable and curable if caught early. 


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  1. Its a good thing I didn’t have to wait for your formal crusade to question my own cancerous mole…you’ve been looking out for all of us (esp me) for years now. Thanks, xo, jill

  2. Ellyn,
    Good for you for following your gut. People often think of skin cancer in the summer but your post comes at an important time. New research shows that cases of melanoma skin cancer increased by 50 percent in younger women (ages 15 to 39) according to the National Cancer Institute.
    [I don’t normally have stats on the brain but I’m researching a health article on the topic!]
    Julie Weingarden Dubin

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