Happy New Year!

Last week, I finished my 2008 photo album on Shutterfly.  I have to say that site makes it super easy to make a really great holiday gift.  I loved putting the album together and reflecting on the year.  At the end of 2008, I couldn’t wait for 2009 to begin.  It meant the last chemo treatment, finishing surgeries and new hair growth.  My hair is crazy thick right now just as it always was.  I’m still growing it but trying to figure out which length I like the best.  The one positive side effect of losing all your hair is being able to try new hairstyles.  And the album will be a great reminder of the many hairstyles of 2008. 

It’s hard to believe this year is coming to an end.   My kids have grown, I’ve grown and we’ve all grown as a family.  They watched my hair grow, watched me recover from surgeries, watched me walk into closing ceremonies at the 3-day.  I watched all of them start a new school year, my youngest learn to ski and my oldest get braces.   This year brought a new level of normalcy and lots of happiness.  Here’s wishing all my friends and family a very happy 2009!


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