Starting to see results

Awhile ago, I blogged about shop to earn as a fundraiser for Ta Ta Breast Cancer and yesterday I started to see my first month of results.  I’m very excited and realize that it doesn’t take a lot to start making great money for your organization.  I’ve participated in other fundraising programs similar to this and I see two major advantages with shop to earn.

1.       The percentages are usually much higher.

2.      You don’t need to sign up on the website to shop.  You simply go through a portal—just like any other website.  Your shopping is tracked just by clicking through. 

Log on to and take a look.  In the drop down menu, you can see all the stores.  And selecting the stores will take you directly to the store’s website (you have to click go and then click on the store’s logo but once you go through those steps, you’re done).  From there, you can use any coupons, free shipping or any other promotions.  A percentage will automatically come back to Ta Ta Breast Cancer.  All funds will go to the breast cancer 3-Day to support research and other breast cancer programs.  It’s super easy and doesn’t cost you anything extra to shop.  You can even order Contact Lenses, buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms.  As always, thanks for supporting my efforts to say goodbye to Breast Cancer forever.  And if you’re interested in joining our 3-Day team, we’d love to have you.    If you would like to set up your organization on Shop to Earn, just let me know and I’ll help you get started. 


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