Another great way to help

I’ve been with my agency, Brogan & Partners, for 15 years, and I’ve had lots of clients over the years.  But one client in particular, the Michigan Department of Community Health, remains a constant from day one.  I’ve had the opportunity to work on so many really great programs—anti-smoking, abstinence, AIDS Prevention and the list goes on. 

But by far the coolest program started in November of 2008 when my breast cancer and professional world collided in a great way.  The State of Michigan added a voluntary tax contribution for breast cancer and one for prostate cancer too.  And yesterday we launched a social media program with our sister company Ignite Social Media.  We are asking taxpayers to pledge $5, $10 or more when they do their 2008 taxes.  It’s not a lot of money but it will go a long way.  The breast cancer fund will provide mammograms to low-income women who could not afford them and we know that early detection is key when it comes to this disease.  The prostate cancer fund will go directly to research.  Please help support this great program, by clicking here, adding your name to the pledge, grabbing a badge for your facebook page and joining our facebook fan page.  Ask your friends and family to help in the fight.  And thank you once again for your support.


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