Great job Obama!

This is my first post where I’ve even mentioned Obama and I threw him right into the title.  Why?   Yesterday he increased the cigarette tax to provide people a greater incentive to quit smoking and to insure more children.  Great news for all.  I recently mentioned my work with the Michigan Department of Community Health and one of our major and ongoing programs is an initiative to get people to quit smoking.  Below you can see our television spot that’s been running for several years and has received lots of attention and awards.  I’m proud of my agency and my client for the great success we’ve had with this spot. 

And as a cancer survivor, I know the dangerous links between smoking (and secondhand smoke) and cancer.  So an increase in the cigarette tax is a huge victory for all.  And using the money to help insure uninsured children is an even bigger victory.  So far I’m really digging our new pres.    


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  1. While you may have a valid point, one has to ask; where does the fed govt stop. It has been thoroughly documented that bacon and McDonalds is not healthy, cause obesity, and thus heart disease. Should we tax those items?

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