Why Knowledge is Definitely Power

Last night we had another great FORCE meeting at Beaumont.  I always walk away from the meetings smiling.  I’ve formed some really nice friendships with some of the woman in the group. 

I really felt the power and importance more than ever last night.  At our first meeting, there were two sisters.  Their dad had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and both sisters were contemplating getting tested.  Last night, all three joined us for the meeting and shared their story. 

After the last meeting, they both got tested—one had the mutation and one did not.  The sister with the mutation went for her initial MRI screening and was immediately diagnosed with cancer.  She is currently undergoing chemo and was lucky to catch the cancer when she did.  She found her cancer because of her knowledge of the BRCA gene and her risk factors.  This is why we need to work to create awareness and make sure people understand how their family history can impact their lives. 

Our next meeting will focus on a very challenging but necessary topic—how to talk to your kids about the BRCA gene.  I’m looking forward to some professional insight and hearing ideas from the rest of the group.  I will share what I can in my blog post after the meeting but if you live in Southeast Michigan, we’d love to have you join us.  Come check out the power of this group for yourself.


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