Thank you Detroit Jewish News!

The Detroit Jewish News ran a story about my involvement with the Michigan Breast and Prostate Cancer tax check-off Initiative.  I can’t stress enough the importance of this campaign and what even a small donation can do.  The money gives low income women without insurance access to mammograms and treatment.  Early detection is currently the number #1 key in beating this disease.  Read the article, visit the site, pledge your support and become a fan of the facebook page.  Most importantly spread the word and don’t forget to grab a badge.  I did my taxes yesterday and it was simple.



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  1. i saw this in th JN, and was planning on emailing you. great article. i cannot say it enough times….but you ARE wonder woman!!!!! you accomplish so much and your passion and dedication goes above and beyond. you really need to teach me about time management. you get more accomplished in 5 minutes than i do in 5 weeks!!!! keep going. you truly are an inspiration 🙂

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