Super easy breast cancer fundraising!

Today I was contacted by the Breast Cancer 3-Day to be an online ambassador.  Once again, I have the opportunity to combine social media with breast cancer awareness, advocacy and fundraising.  I’m totally passionate about both and more than willing to do my part.

This month they’ve asked ambassadors to share some fundraising ideas.  My favorite one is approaching quickly.  In 3 days, 125 people will see Annie at the Fisher Theater in Detroit, celebrate mother’s day and help raise money for breast cancer.  I can’t wait.  Annie is my all time favorite musical and I am totally excited to share this with my family.  I’m also super excited because this fundraiser was so easy to plan, no downside risk and netted nearly $3,000.

Here’s how it worked.  My high school friend works for Broadway in Detroit.  After reconnecting with her on Facebook, we met to discuss a possible fundraiser.  From there, I reserved tickets to Annie, sent out emails and created a Facebook event.  As people were interested, they emailed or called with the number of tickets they needed.  I purchased the tickets at the group discount rate and sold them for face.  I collected checks, distributed tickets and called it a day.  Done!  I will absolutely be planning another one next year.

Do you have any super easy fundraising ideas to share?  Share them with me by posting a comment.3DAY_Ambassador_Badge(2)


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  1. an ambassador! im friends with an ambassador!? COOL! youre awesome, and we cant wait to see annie with you! 🙂

  2. Tracy Shanley

    Hi Ellyn,

    I just wanted to mention a quick fundraiser that we have done with Teen Council. It does not bring in a ton of money, but was easy to put together. I am sure this has been done before with those raising money to rid the world of breast cancer, but it doesn’t hurt mentioning it again. We hooked up with a restaurant in Royal Oak. 20% of your total bill spent at the restaurant was donated back to our cause. You had to bring a flyer with you to the restaurant about the fundraiser in order to get that 20% to go towards the cause. In this last instance, we worked with Zumba’s Mexican Grille on Main Street in Royal Oak. I know Burton has worked with Max & Erma’s in B’ham too. I hope this is some help! You are an amazing person Ellyn – so inspirational! Tracy

  3. I love this idea. I’ll have to look into it my area (San Diego). I’m an ambassador too, and this is my first walk. Thanks for the idea!

  4. One of the easiest ways to raise money is to sell merchandise. I tell so many people to call up their local walmart, sams club, or supermarket and ask to set up a table outside the store and sell merchandise to raise funds for breast cancer. You can easily raise several hundred dollars in one day. I have had clients who have raised over $1,000 in one day doing this.

    Our company ( was founded because we saw how many people struggled to raise their money and we wanted to help. We offer low cost fundraising merchandise sold in bulk so people can easily resell it and make money.

  5. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us. Im sure that many people searching for this . I will visit that nice blog again

  6. Jackie Ravida

    I am an oncology nurse at St. Mary Mercy Hospital in Livonia, MI. We sponsor a few nurses in the 3 day walk each year, so we are always looking for fresh fundraising ideas. One of the things we currently do is host luncheons for the hospital staff. The nursing staff on the oncology floor prepares, decorates, and serves the luncheon so there is no investment involved (everyone donates their dish and their time). Since the staff needs to eat lunch anyway, we don’t feel that we are imposing a lot of extra expense on anyone. This doesn’t raise a huge amount, but, combined with a few other fundraisers, will send our gals to the 3 day.

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