The TweetDeck keeps tweeting breast cancer news.

Everyday my TweetDeck is full of new breast cancer news.  What I should eat.  What I shouldn’t eat.  Which vitamins?  New ways to detect.  New genes found.  Etc.  It’s all very exciting and pretty overwhelming sometimes but it makes me realize that there are so many people thinking about this disease.  And that’s really good news.  I’ve taken small steps like switching to all organic cleaning products.  Not sure if it’s helping but I know it can’t hurt.

The latest news shows three genes that, when present, help breast cancer spread to the brain.  Why is this good news?  Because knowing the genes is the first step.  The next step is finding the way to block the process if this gene is present.  Keep going guys.  Don’t stop this research that will continue to keep me cancer-free and rid this disease from everyone’s lives.  I’ll keep raising money, spreading awareness, and listening to all the tips out there if you keep moving this research forward.

What steps have you taken to keep cancer out of your life?


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  1. Ellyn,

    Early detection and research are two parts to the breast cancer equation—catch it early and hope and pray there may be a cure in our lifetime.

    In between there are thousands of women in treatment, whose families depend upon their incomes to survive. That is where The Pink Fund comes in.

    Just this week The Pink Fund made rent payments, care payments and care insurance payments.

    The response form one recipient, “I am crying tears of joy for the first time in months.”

    Check out our site and what we are doing.

  2. Thank you so much Molly. You are doing amazing things for so many people. I’ve passed your organization on to lots of people. Would love to work with you and help promote what you do.


  3. This is great news, and I think it’s wonderful that you will work to help promote Molly McDonald. Now that you are becoming a Social Media guru, you are even better positioned to promote awareness, support others, and raise funds!

    We continue to be overwhelming proud of everything you are doing.


    Mom and Dad

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