BRCA awareness saves lives

I was so excited to get my mail yesterday and see the great cover story on the Detroit Jewish News on the breast cancer gene (BRCA).  I am so happy that Lisa Siegmann was willing to share her story to help so many women.  And I’m so grateful that the Jewish News recognized the importance of this message.  Social marketing can save lives–especially when it involves building awareness of an unknown risk factor.  Research into finding new diagnostics, treatments and a cure is essential.  However, we must make sure that a portion of our efforts are directed to raising awareness.  Until there is a cure, early detection and prevention for those at high risk is our life-saving hope.

Let’s continue to find ways to educate women and the community on BRCA and the risk factors associated with this genetic mutation.  I know there are many women, like Lisa, who chose prophylactic surgery only to find out  that it was only a matter of time until a diagnosis.  In this case, knowledge really is power.


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  1. Hi Ellyn,

    I found my way here through the Brogan Blog, which my Google alerts pointed me to. I, too, am passionate about using new and social media to spread the word about BRCA (I just tested postive for a mutation in April and have been blogging about my adventures at My diagnosis has given me a new purpsoe, and I hope to help educate other women. I hope you stop by and read my blog. And good luck with your fight.

    Steph H

  2. Ellyn,

    I just read the article about you and your work with FORCE in the Jewish News. I am so impressed with your strength, your honesty and your efforts to inform the public and to continue the dialogue about breast cancer. I also listened to your 2008 speech and found it very inspiring. Your blog is terrific and you are doing a wonderful job of communicating a positive and empowering message.
    Keep it up!

    Carol Lash

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