Back In Training For The Breast Cancer 3-Day

I’m officially back in training—sort of.  I must admit I’ve been a little nervous about my 3-Day training this year.  The walk is coming up quickly, and I haven’t really put too much time into long walks (or even short ones for that matter).   But I’m on a short work trip in North Carolina–I finished my work day at 6:00, laced up my shoes, grabbed my cell phone and some cash and headed out.  A whole night to myself.  I really just wandered with no firm plan but I found this beautiful neighborhood in Cary, NC and it was perfect.  I walked for about 95 minutes and made my way over to a little café for some dinner.  This was exactly the jump start I needed to get excited about the actual walk—I’ve been heavily focused on the fundraising and nearly forgot I need to walk 60 miles over the course of 3 days.

So tonight my second journey officially begins.  And I’ll prepare for that magical date when I’ll drive up to the most energetic group of people on the planet.  I’ll smile through the 60 miles feeling lucky and happy that I can walk, enjoying the sea of pink and dreaming of a world without breast cancer.



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