The 2009 Michigan Breast Cancer 3-Day is over. The memories will last forever.

 Just settled in with a cup of coffee and an hour to gather my thoughts about the past weekend—my 2nd Breast Cancer 3-Day. It’s hard to put into words the thoughts and emotions of the past weekend. It’s so much more than 60 miles. It’s about celebrating survivorship and remembering the women and men we’ve lost to breast cancer. It’s about raising awareness of the harshness and the reality of this disease. It’s about raising money so we can continue to crush breast cancer. It’s all that and more. Lifechanging may be the only way to describe the experience.
I walked with 24 other amazing women of Ta Ta Breast Cancer—I met 5 of them for the first time on Friday morning.DSC_3213


Others, I met during training walks. Some were acquaintances prior to the walk. And some others are the people nearest and dearest to me—my mom, my aunt, my sister-in-law and some of my best and oldest friends. Sharing this experience together takes all of these relationships to a much deeper level.

If you have ever thought of walking the Breast Cancer 3-Day (now called the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the cure) but just didn’t think you could do it, trust me, you can. If you live in Michigan, join us next year. If you are in another state, grab some friends and don’t wait another day to sign up. If you can’t walk, crew or volunteer. You will thank me later.

We have to do this for so many reasons. But I think 5-year old Samantha Dubin summed it up so well when she returned from a cheering section and said to her brother Josh.

 “The women are walking now, so they will save my boobs later.”


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  1. I went to a cheering station, to cheer on my niece & sister in law. The cheering section ended up being the most emotional experience that I have ever encountered. The men & woman that looked as if they couldn’t take another step, but somehow did. The walkers, that were fighting the heat & humidity,heat exhaustion, & aching muscles, were THANKING us for coming to cheer them on……..
    WALKERS YOU ARE AMAZING! Words, or tears, cannot express my gratitude to each & everyone of you…..

  2. I was there this weekend – a member of the crew. We were the ones rockin out to welcome you back into camp each day (that was me with the inflatable guitar). I cannot thank you enough for walking, there are just no words. 5 years ago I lost my very best friend to breast cancer. I will do this event until I can look her girls in the face and tell them there is nothing to be afraid of.

    You walkers are my heroes. You have given of yourselves in amazing ways. I heard the most amazing stories this weekend (and every other year I have been involved) and my heart is forever changed!

    Bless you for taking a stand … and a few million steps … against breast cancer!!

  3. Hi Ellyn,

    It’s Shari Finsilver, reading your blog. 🙂 I donated to a few of your TaTa teammates. I was excited to read “your article” in the FREEP, so I figured I’d “look you up.”

    Mazel tov on all the wonderful work you’re doing to increase awareness & raise funds. It’s truly fabulous.

    I also have a WordPress blog. Great, isn’t it? (

    If you ever want to read about social media marketing, go to My nephew is an expert & has 15K followers … also on Twitter. Might be interesting for you.

    Continue to stay well!!!

  4. Karyn Bylinowski

    I am crying just reading this Ellyn. Can’t wait for a three-peat!! Best experience ever. And yes, I too am drinking a cup of coffee right now! Cheers!

  5. You said it so well. I have also been reduced to tears but tears of joy. I am so joyful that last year i discovered the 3day walk and this year i will be walking for my second time. Thank You!

  6. This was my 3rd time and it seems to get easier each time. I still spent 30 minutes balling my eyes out in the remembrance tent as usual. My two little girls summed it up beautifully with the sign my mom helped them make that read “Our mommy walks so we won’t have to!” God Bless everyone.

  7. I love hearing everyone’s experiences. Thanks for sharing them with me. And thanks for checking out my blog.

  8. hi ellyn my name is Dennis Cherget i am also walking again this year i am on my 3rd year i have walked all 120 miles and have been training since last september only taking a few weeks off. our team is sisters, misters, & blisters i have lost my mother but both my sisters are survivors, one will be walking with me this year. i am 54 years old and plan on walking until they get a cure. i use to fish during the summer now i walk. Good Luck this year

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