A fun Breast Cancer 3-Day video–Plymouth, Michigan style.

If you are considering walking with us next year, check out this video for some inspiration. I found it on YouTube. I love that they caught the Ta Ta Breast Cancer cheering section pretty close to the beginning(notice the little guy in the Tie-Dye and the man in the pink shirt on the phone) I also love that they caught my reunion with my daughter who was at overnight camp for four weeks before the walk. Enjoy the video–it’s just a little taste of what the Breast Cancer 3-Day is all about.


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  1. Dennis Buchanan

    Hi Ellyn,I’m the “they” who did the video,I was playing with Youtube and found some tools that show where the hits come from for the videos,and that led me here.Glad you liked the vid,I checked the version of the video I’m putting together for a dvd and there is more of you and your family in it,if thats you guys starting at about the 30-35 sec mark?My wife posted the info on the3day.org site if your interested in about a 1 hour long dvd on this years walk.Or contact me at the e-mail address above.
    Dennis. panadvc30 (because Dennis the menace was taken)

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