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Too good not to share!

Starting to see results

Awhile ago, I blogged about shop to earn as a fundraiser for Ta Ta Breast Cancer and yesterday I started to see my first month of results.  I’m very excited and realize that it doesn’t take a lot to start making great money for your organization.  I’ve participated in other fundraising programs similar to this and I see two major advantages with shop to earn.

1.       The percentages are usually much higher.

2.      You don’t need to sign up on the website to shop.  You simply go through a portal—just like any other website.  Your shopping is tracked just by clicking through. 

Log on to and take a look.  In the drop down menu, you can see all the stores.  And selecting the stores will take you directly to the store’s website (you have to click go and then click on the store’s logo but once you go through those steps, you’re done).  From there, you can use any coupons, free shipping or any other promotions.  A percentage will automatically come back to Ta Ta Breast Cancer.  All funds will go to the breast cancer 3-Day to support research and other breast cancer programs.  It’s super easy and doesn’t cost you anything extra to shop.  You can even order Contact Lenses, buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms.  As always, thanks for supporting my efforts to say goodbye to Breast Cancer forever.  And if you’re interested in joining our 3-Day team, we’d love to have you.    If you would like to set up your organization on Shop to Earn, just let me know and I’ll help you get started. 

Really cute!


A couple of people sent me this picture today.  I’m sure most of you have seen it but in case you haven’t, I wanted to share.  Hope you enjoy.  And don’t forget to join the Army of Women, walk the 3-day, raise money or do anything else you can in the fight against breast cancer for this baby and all the other babies, girls, and women out there.

Nothing to do with cancer

Just got back from a really fun weekend in Atlanta celebrating the Bat Mitzvah of my cousin’s daughter.  At the same time, I got to meet my other cousin’s 3-week old beautiful daughter.  And as a total additional bonus, I saw my college roommate after 12 years.  Wow!  It was all fun, busy, hectic and a little crazy with three kids in tow but it was good family time and lots of joy and happiness. 

On Friday, Jon and I loaded the rental minivan at the Atlanta airport with the 3 kids and bags.  It was the first time I’d travelled in awhile when my bags actually made it there at the same time.  This was good since the Halloween costumes and clothes for our weekend festivities were all packed in our suitcase.  As always, travelling with 3 kids can be a bit chaotic but we made it.  We quickly made our way to the hotel to change and head off for the Shabbat dinner.  As we were driving, I asked Jon if the stroller was still in the back of the minivan.  Stroller? He said.  Apparently in the chaos, we left the stroller (and three of our jackets) sitting curbside at the airport.  I tried unsuccessfully to reach lost and found throughout the weekend.  So we just hoped that someone had found our stroller.  Bright and early Sunday morning, we were back at the airport to head back to Detroit.  Lucky for us, Delta had our stroller with all three jackets.  Hmmm.  We’ll try not to do that again. 

Despite our lost stroller and a little bit of chaos, the weekend was great.  We were jam packed with activities and we even got to do quite a bit of trick-or-treating Friday night.  Little guy held up with no nap and very late nights.  And the big kids were a big help! 

It’s so nice to celebrate such great things in life!

I love my hair

That’s me one year ago today with my freshly shaved head.  And here I am today with a full head of hair.  My 2 year old took today’s picture which was an interesting experience but it was fun to see the difference in my head.  I was feeling good that day once my hair was finally shaved–I remember the feeling like it was yesterday.  But I’m much happier with hair on my head today.  Hope you enjoy the little things!

It’s time for FORCE

I should start off this blog post by saying I know it’s a really bad time to be fundraising for anything but I finally found some time to start focusing on FORCE.  I also need to say that I did mention in a previous entry that I wouldn’t ask for money and I would only plan fundraisers but I sort of changed my mind.  Some of you may just want to support my fundraisers and that’s totally great.  However, if you have a few extra dollars (that you didn’t invest in the stock market) and want to put it towards an organization that helps so many people with so little funding, please feel free to make a donation of any size.  I would be very grateful. I should also mention that in the early spring (maybe even late winter), I’ll start fundraising and working on growing my 3-day team too.  Other than that, I promise not to ask anyone for anything else.  Maybe. 

I’m very excited about my first fundraiser for FORCE.  For those of you who live in the Detroit area, it’s at High Wire Girls at 32799 Woodward Avenue North of 14 Mile Road on December 2 from 7-9:30.  They have great gifts, great price points and I’m bringing some wine.  So please join me.  10% of all the purchases will go directly to FORCE and they’ll also have a raffle and some other fun purchase incentives.  I’m working on some other great fundraisers too so if you can’t make this one, maybe you can join me for another. 

On another note, I got an email from an old friend of mine who wanted to let me know about something she is doing to raise money for Gilda’s Club in honor of her friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  Of course, her friend is another young mother who’s turning 35 next month and just started chemo.  I haven’t had the chance to talk to her but I did pass on my Sex and the City DVD set that I so enjoyed during my post chemo haze.  Anyways, Ally from Frameable Faces is donating 15% of all her sales during the month of November to Gilda’s Club in her friend’s honor.  Be sure to check out her great work on her website.  So there’s one more way you can support a cancer cause and show your support for all the young mothers diagnosed with this disease. 

Thanks for continuing to support me!

1 in 8

Breast Cancer awareness month is still in full force.  There are pink lids on Yoplait yogurt, pink vacuums at Target and reminders all around us that breast cancer is a serious issue.  I remember this month so well prior to having breast cancer.  I looked at it as an outsider and felt sad for those touched by the disease.  But I never thought I would be one of them.  It never occurred to me that I should be really serious about breast self-exams.  So, frankly, I never really did them.  And many of my blog readers know how my story goes.  I seriously hope that those of you who know me and have my been reading my blog no longer take breast self-exams lightly.  Even if you do not have a family history, you can get breast cancer.  You do not need to be overweight to get breast cancer.  You do not need to smoke to get breast cancer.  Yes.  Those things increase your risk.  In my case, I did have a family history.  And while it felt distant, it really wasn’t.  My inherited genetic mutation caused my breast cancer.  But the key is I did not know it existed.  So my message to all of you women is do breast self-exams monthly.  Be diligent about your health screenings.  Be your own health advocate!  1 in 8 of us will get breast cancer.  Let’s make sure to catch it at the earliest possible stage.  And let’s keep working so that our children and our children’s children will not have to think about a 1 in 8 statistic.

Breast Cancer 3-Day Photos

I’ve added a small selection of the 382 pictures that my dad took during our walk weekend.  Pretty amazing since he didn’t even walk.  Everywhere we turned, there he was.  Thanks dad for recording our wonderful weekend.

Pink is everywhere!

I love October.  The leaves are changing.  Soccer season is in full gear.  Apple orchards are open and people are decorating their house for Halloween.  This is the first October I can really sit back and appreciate.  Three years ago, I was in the first trimester of my last pregnancy trying to stay awake and eat enough food to curb nausea.  Two years ago, I moved out of my house in October to start a complete renovation on my current house.  And last year, I started chemo.  This year, I can simply enjoy the month of October.  And this year, I have one more reason to enjoy this month–the world becomes a sea of pink and everyone around me is raising money to fight breast cancer.  It’s a reminder of how many people are touched by this disease and how many people are so passionate about finding a cure.  Everywhere you turn, there are people donating percentages of their proceeds to breast cancer.  I could seriously go broke buying the mass of pink products out there.  I feel like this month is one big celebration of all the breast cancer survivors out there. I’m one of them celebrating, standing tall, appreciating life and hoping that we can stop fighting soon and say goodbye to breast cancer forever.  Hope you all enjoy this month with me!

Join the Army

As breast cancer awareness month launched 2 days ago, Dr. Susan Love and the Avon Foundation launched the army of women.  This is a ground breaking initiative aimed at partnering women with researchers.  They need 1,000,000 women of all ages and ethnicities, and these women will have a part in finding a cure.  Read more and sign up today.

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