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Another Anniversary!

I completely forgot about my very important 1 year anniversary today until my mom mentioned it to me.  It’s been exactly one year since I had my ovaries, tubes and uterus removed.  Anniversaries are always a good time to reflect (especially when you don’t forget about them).  So now that my mom jogged my memory, I was thinking how lucky I am. I’m in menopause but never reminded that I’m in menopause unless my friends are talking about their miserable periods, their crabbiness or buying tampons.  Wow.  I’m afraid to say I have no hot flashes – at least none that are bothersome, I sleep like a baby when I’m not writing blogs, working or watching stupid shows—like the bachelor.  Yes,  menopause has been good to me.  Is it Prozac? Not sure.  Whatever it is, I’m one happy camper.  If you are BRCA and worried about prophylactic surgeries causing bad menopause symptoms, there are some people that escape them all together and just enjoy the positive benefits.  Hopefully you’ll be one of them too. 

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