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Top Notch Docs

In a previous post, I mentioned how lucky I was to have some really great docs throughout my journey and for my final post of 2008, I would like to recognize and thank these doctors for all that they did for me. 

The first one is Dr. Alvin Schoenberger.  Dr. Schoenberger was my OBGYN who, after delivering my second child, became my friend.  It was Dr. Schoenberger that refused to let a “probably benign cyst” go.  It was Dr. Schoenberger who called me the evening of my diagnosis, gave me his cell phone number and never let it go into voicemail for the next two weeks.  And it was Dr. Schoenberger who anxiously checked the Providence computer system all weekend long the weekend after my diagnosis to call me with the news of my clean bone scan, perfect chest x-ray and clean blood work.  His support was invaluable and for that, I am forever grateful. 

The second doctor I met the week after my diagnosis.  Within minutes of meeting him, I knew he would be my Plastic Surgeon.  Dr. Dan Sherbert is a kind, warm-hearted man with a big smile.  Not to mention a highly skilled surgeon (and I have some great looking breasts to prove it).  He took care of me through 2 surgeries, several expansions and my latest procedure–the new nippies (as my little guy calls them.  Yep, there are no secrets in my house.) 

The last doctor is my Oncologist, Dr. Jeffrey Margolis.  From the moment I met him, I liked him.  He was completely calm, told me I would do great and prepared me appropriately for everything.  And he’s also an absolute genius with a great reputation. 

All three of these men are wonderful physicians, skilled at their profession and also skilled at taking care of patients.  If you need an OBGYN, a Plastic Surgeon or an Oncologist in the Detroit area, you really don’t need to look any further.    

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