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Ta Ta Breast Cancer is working it…

The sun is shining and even though we are still at the beginning of February, my mind keeps wandering to the Susan G. Komen 3-Day. My team is kicking it into high gear with some great fundraising, and I’m so proud of all of their ideas and energy. I’m feeling confident that we’ll end this year with a nice round $125,000 and thinking how much good this money can do in this fight. I now, sadly, know 5 women who are battling stage 4 breast cancer and all I can think about is how desperately I want them to live, long, full, enjoyable lives. Our only hope is research and the way to get there is by raising money. So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m raising bucks, and I’m not stopping. Why? Because one friend in her 30s is seeing tremendous results on a Parp Inhibitor trial. And another friend in her 20s is starting a clinical trial shortly in hopes of seeing major disease reduction. All of these women need newer and better drugs to continue to fight this disease and that’s exactly what the money we raise helps fund.

My biggest fundraiser of the year is quickly approaching, and if you live in Michigan, I’d love to see you join us. We are seeing Spring Awakening at the Fisher Theater on Thursday April 29 at 8:00. For each ticket sold, $24 goes directly to Susan G. Komen and helps one of my teammates closer to their $2,300 goal.  And you pay the face value of the ticket.  It’s a win-win for all. If you are interested in joining us, you can RSVP on my event page or get in contact with me directly. If you can’t make the show but wish to donate or even walk, you can visit our team page.   And stay tuned for lots more exciting fundraisers before August. 

Help us save lives. Help us fight this disease. Help us end breast cancer.


Another big win for Ta Ta Breast Cancer and Brogan & Partners

Awhile ago, I posted about Ta Ta Breast Cancer’s big win at the D show. Well the logo pulled out another big win at the International Graphis Awards—yep, that’s right international award for Ta Ta Breast Cancer. I’m especially proud that the logo was created by my good friend and colleague, Dave Ryan. Dave’s created great work for my clients for many years and snagged awards along the way but this one was near and dear to my heart. So a big thank you to Dave and Brogan & Partners for pulling out one more big win.

Let the Breast Cancer 3-Day fundraising begin

We seem to be kicking into high gear in the fundraising area pretty quickly which is great news since we’ve got a team of 30 members so far for the 2010 Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the cure—all with a $2,300 goal.

Our big 2009 fundraiser

Here’s what we’ve got planned:

We’ll be wrapping gifts at Borders at 13 mile and Southfield Rd. on December 4, 5 and 11th from 10a-2p. Stop by and say hello, grab some gifts and let the lovely ladies (and one man) of Ta Ta Breast Cancer wrap them for you. Hope to see you there.

Also, on December 5th, print out a flyer and drop into Catching Fireflies for some great holiday shopping. 12% of whatever you purchase will benefit our team.

As always, you can visit TD nails on Mondays or Tuesdays, mention Ta Ta Breast Cancer and our team will benefit with 10% of your purchase.

Needs your carpets, tile or grout professionally cleaned; call In-home Window Cleaning at 248-623-5858. Schedule a free estimate. If you hire them, make sure to mention Ta Ta Breast Cancer and 15% will come back to our team.

And you can always do your holiday shopping online by registering as a member of our shopping portal. The great news is you get cash back and Ta Ta Breast Cancer benefits too.

Stay tuned for announcements about some other great fundraisers in the spring including a mother/daughter event at Salon Pavlina in Farmington Hills and our big theater fundraiser-Spring Awakening winner of 8 Tony Awards including Best Musical in 2007. We’re hoping to raise $125,000 this year.

Got any other thoughts or ideas for us or want to join our team, leave a comment or get in touch.

Fundraising in the new economy

In the 2008 Breast Cancer 3-Day, my team of 25 walkers raised nearly $87,000.  I’m extremely proud of this accomplishment and even happier to know that our efforts are helping everyday in the fight against breast cancer.  But I do understand things have changed since September 2008.  Many people watched their retirement dollars sink; others lost their jobs and still others took significant pay cuts.   So raising money is no easy task these days.  I have friends who confidently signed up last year knowing that raising the money would be no problem.  These people are hesitant this year to even try and I completely understand that.  My hope is that my fundraising effort will collectively subsidize the Ta Ta Breast Cancer walker’s minimum donations and more importantly continue to help in the fight.  I can’t help but think about how much funding will decrease this year in the area of breast cancer and I can’t help but continue to do my part.  So, yes, I’m still asking for monetary donations even if they are significantly smaller.  Every dollar helps.  But my goal is to find other fundraising opportunities that don’t require people to spend additional dollars outside of their normal budget.  With that, I’ve created a list of current efforts:

·         I just came across the cutest website–Note Card Farm–for personalized note cards, address labels and gift stickers.  They make great gifts and I ordered a bunch for my kids and my family.  Best yet, I’ve worked out a Ta Ta Breast Cancer promotion where 10% of your purchase goes to my team.  So order some cute note cards or address labels and help support our team. 

·         I’ve written often about  Please don’t forget to use this site.  It’s the best way to turn your everyday purchases into donations to breast cancer.  Once you are in the portal, check out 1-800-contacts,, Meijer or hundreds of other great retailers.  For a huge selection of every imaginable organic product, click on shop to earth. 

·         If you live in Southeast Michigan, the hottest new salon in town is helping us. Salon Pavlina is a full service hair salon catering to both men and women. They also do manicures/pedicures, facials, waxing and make-up. They are located on Northwestern Highway and opened up this past October. If you’ve never been there before, call and make an appointment–let them know you heard about them through Ta Ta Breast Cancer and they’ll donate 30% of your first visit back to our team. Pavlina, Christina and the rest of the team are all great. Check out their website for more information or call 248-539-3500.

·         There is still two more weeks to purchase Annie Tickets for May 10 at 6:30.  I have main floor seats for $64 and balcony for $44 and a large portion of the ticket price comes back to our team. 

·         If you need your carpets, windows or gutters cleaned, call In-home Window Cleaning at 248-623-5858. Schedule a free estimate. If you hire them, make sure to mention Ta Ta Breast Cancer and 10% will come back to our team.

·         Visit TD Nails in Berkley, MI for manicures, pedicures, waxing or facials on Mondays and Tuesdays and mention Ta Ta Breast Cancer, 10% will come back to our team.

·         If you would like your very own Ta Ta Breast Cancer long-sleeved thermal, tank or short-sleeved shirt, go to Sprout in Royal Oak on Washington or send me an email at


I am thankful for any support you can give in this fight.  Whether it’s supporting any one of our ongoing fundraisers or making a donation, your support is saving lives.  I know that first-hand and I’m tremendously thankful every day. 

Starting to see results

Awhile ago, I blogged about shop to earn as a fundraiser for Ta Ta Breast Cancer and yesterday I started to see my first month of results.  I’m very excited and realize that it doesn’t take a lot to start making great money for your organization.  I’ve participated in other fundraising programs similar to this and I see two major advantages with shop to earn.

1.       The percentages are usually much higher.

2.      You don’t need to sign up on the website to shop.  You simply go through a portal—just like any other website.  Your shopping is tracked just by clicking through. 

Log on to and take a look.  In the drop down menu, you can see all the stores.  And selecting the stores will take you directly to the store’s website (you have to click go and then click on the store’s logo but once you go through those steps, you’re done).  From there, you can use any coupons, free shipping or any other promotions.  A percentage will automatically come back to Ta Ta Breast Cancer.  All funds will go to the breast cancer 3-Day to support research and other breast cancer programs.  It’s super easy and doesn’t cost you anything extra to shop.  You can even order Contact Lenses, buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms.  As always, thanks for supporting my efforts to say goodbye to Breast Cancer forever.  And if you’re interested in joining our 3-Day team, we’d love to have you.    If you would like to set up your organization on Shop to Earn, just let me know and I’ll help you get started. 

Ta Ta Breast Cancer wins big!

Among the big winners at last night’s D-Show (Detroit’s prestigious advertising awards) were Dodge, Kaiser Permanente, Ford, Lincoln and Ellyn Davidson. Yep, I got my chance at being a client right alongside some of the bigger advertising clients in the Detroit area. Melissa Weber—my friend, colleague at Brogan & Partners, 3-day team walker and tent mate named Ta Ta Breast Cancer. And Dave Ryan, our wonderful art director created the perfect shirt. We loved the shirts and got tons of compliments and apparently the creative industry in Detroit agreed. This is completely the icing on the most beautiful cake. Ta Ta Breast Cancer raised nearly $87,000 with 25 walkers. We finished in the top 10 fundraisers and had a fantastic weekend. We are signed up and ready to go for 09.  Won’t you join us?


We actually printed on t-shirts but this was the initial layout



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